Belford North Metro District (Compark Village South) lies within Section 6, Township 6 South, Range 66 West of the Sixth Principal Meridian, Town of Parker, Colorado. General project area boundaries include Highway E-470 to the north, Grand View Estates to the south, an undeveloped parcel to the west (Cordillera Corp property), and Happy Canyon Creek and Compark 190, LLC property to the east. Compark Village South project will include a collector road, Belford Avenue, running east-west connecting South Peoria Street to South Chambers Road.

Belford North Metro District is a Commercial District encompassing the 65 acres north of Belford Avenue. The area currently consists of vacant land with ground cover consisting of native grasses and shrubs. There is an existing low functioning degraded and eroded ephemeral waterway called Green Acres Tributary crisscrossing the property.

Belford North Metro District is governed by a five member elected Board of Directors. CliftonLarsonAllen LLP provides management and accounting services.  Manhard Consulting provides district engineering services.  This website offers information about the District's programs and services.

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  Colorado Senate Bill 2009-87 Compliance: In 2009, Colorado enacted legislation requiring information about metropolitan and special districts be disclosed and available to District constituents.  As required pursuant to Section 32-1-104.8 of the Colorado Revised Statutes ("C.R.S.") this Public Disclosure Document has been prepared by Belford North Metropolitan District (the "District") to provide information regarding the District.

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