The District Board of Directors meet regularly at the time and location listed below.  Contact Sandy Brandenburger prior to attending a meeting as dates and times may change.  If you would like to be placed on an agenda e-mailing list please contact Sandy at  
  When: 4th Wednesday of each month.  Meetings begin at 9:00 a.m..  
  Where: (*Temporarily conferencing due to COVID-19)  
    Westside Investment Partners, Inc      
    4100 E. Mississippi Ave., Suite 500 or Microsoft Teams  
    Denver, Colorado   80246        
  Access: To attend via telephone, dial 720-547-5281 and enter the following additional information Conference ID: 735 116 613#  or  
  Notices: District Meeting Notice are posted on this website.  In the event of a website outage, notice will be physically posted at one of the locations listed below:  
  1.   E470 Trail under Happy Canyon Creek  
  2.   E470 Trail 100 feet west of Happy Canyon Creek  
  3.   SW Corner of District Boundary Access Road and Temporary Construction Road off of Peoria  
  Meeting Notices, Agendas and Minutes listed below can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF.    
  2021 Meeting Notices:                        
  *NOTE: given current events and current advice and directives from local, state and federal jurisdictions related to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), this meeting is being held by teleconference and virtual meeting only. Board members, consultants and members of the public may participate by teleconference or by computer/tablet by utilizing the link information within the notice below or click on the following   
       Meeting Notice - June 16, 2021                  
       Meeting Notice - May 19, 2021                  
       Meeting Notice - April 21, 2021                  
       Meeting Notice - March 17, 2021                  
       Meeting Notice - February 24, 2021                  
       Meeting Notice - January 20, 2021                  

2021 Meetings, Agendas and Minutes Online:

    2021-01-20 Agenda   Minutes Special Meeting          
    2021-02-24 Agenda   Minutes Special Meeting      
    2021-03-17 Agenda     Special Meeting      
    2021-04-21 Agenda     Regular Meeting      
    2021-05-19 Agenda     Special Meeting                
    2021-06-16 Agenda     Special Meeting                
    2021-07-28       Regular Meeting                
    2021-08-25       Regular Meeting                
    2021-09-22       Regular Meeting                
    2021-10-27       Regular Meeting                
    2021-11-24       Regular Meeting                
    2021-12-22       Regular Meeting                
  2020 Meeting Notices Online:                  
       Meeting Notice - December 16, 2020                  
       Meeting Notice - November 24, 2020                  
       Meeting Notice - October 16, 2020            
       Meeting Notice - August 25, 2020              
       Meeting Notice - August 11, 2020                      
       Meeting Notice - May 26,, 2020                      
       Meeting Notice - February 25, 2020                    
  2020 Meetings, Agendas and Minutes Online:                
    2020-02-25 Agenda   Minutes Regular Meeting                
    2020-05-26 Agenda   Minutes Special  Meeting                
    2020-08-11 Agenda   Minutes Special  Meeting        
    2020-08-25 Agenda   Minutes Special Meeting                
    2020-10-16 Agenda   Minutes Special Meeting                
    2020-11-24 Agenda   Minutes Special Meeting          
    2020-12-16 Agenda   Minutes Special Meeting          
  2019 Meeting Notices Online:                  
       Meeting Notice - November 26, 2020                    
  2019 Meetings, Agendas and Minutes Online:                
    2019-02-26 Agenda   Minutes Regular Meeting                
    2019-05-28       Regular Meeting   Cancelled    
    2019-08-27 Agenda   Minutes Regular Meeting                
    2019-11-26 Agenda   Minutes Regular Meeting                
  2018 Meetings, Agendas and Minutes Online:                 
    2018-07-17 Agenda   Minutes Organizational Meeting    
    2018-08-28 Agenda   Minutes Regular Meeting                
    2018-11-27 Agenda   Minutes Special Meeting                
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